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Leadership as a journey, not a destination.

Aspirant was born out of a passion to promote a better world through leadership advocacy and focused, results-oriented partnership.  Having collaborated with a variety of leaders at all levels, I have observed and experienced the incredible opportunity leaders have to enable positive change and achieve extraordinary results for others, for organizations, and for themselves.

While some seek a destination or a pinnacle in their career, I believe that leadership, like life, is an ongoing journey.  As a leadership coach and consultant, I’m dedicated to helping leaders navigate this journey.  I will support your pursuit of achieving not only more, better and faster for your business, but also deeper, more fulfilling success for you. This means I ask tough questions – the ones others or even you won’t ask.  My clients are pushed to exceed their capability and potential, while often exploring critical foundational leadership characteristics such as confidence, intentionality, trust, balance and authenticity.

I see leading others as a privilege with immense responsibility.  My approach is anchored by a strong set of values, including honesty and integrity.  And there are always plenty of laughs along the way, as having fun should be part of the growth journey to achieving great success.


Founder of Aspirant Leadership 

Jeff Lucier Aspirant Leadership Coaching Ottawa
Jeff Lucier Aspirant Leadeship Ottawa

Jeff Lucier is the founder of Aspirant Leadership Coaching & Consulting and believes deeply in the power of leadership.  He is passionate about partnering with those navigating the challenging, yet fulfilling leadership journey, while helping leaders and organizations prepare for their future.

Jeff is a Certified HR Leader (CHRL) through the HR Professional Association (HRPA).  He earned his Master of Science in Management, a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, a Post-Grad Certificate in HR Management, and is a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) through Royal Roads University.  With over a decade of experience working as an HR Professional, Executive Coach and Consultant, Jeff has partnered with leaders of all levels across multiple industries.


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