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EVER since you took on your first leadership role, you discovered something: 

Being a leader is hard work.

In a never-ending, ever-changing work climate, you have to be on your best game. The demands are high, there’s no time to mess up, and everyone is depending on you. And if only you had more time in your day.

Leadership can also be a little lonely, too.

Yet, while all this busyness is happening around you, you’re feeling a shift – toward something bigger.

While you spend most of your time at work empowering and building up others, when was the last time you focused on your needs, goals and success?

Now's your time.


As a leader, achieving results is just the beginning.  Not only do you want to be the best leader at work – you also want to be the best version of yourself.

Except…there’s just one thing.

You don’t really know how to do that.

Besides, there’s rarely any time to pull away from the business and focus on your own development. When you do make the time, bouncing ideas off your boss or colleagues offers only a biased perspective. And while there’s support at home, a cheerleader isn’t quite what you’re looking for.

You’re frustrated. But still determined to find the answer.

That’s where Executive Coaching comes in.

What will we talk about?

When you first start working with Jeff, you’ll examine your existing leadership strategies, strengths and approaches and determine how you’ll grow your leadership skill set in practical, everyday ways.

While long-term goals are established at the outset, each session is uniquely different and centred on your existing challenges. We could discuss;

  • Effectively leading your team and organization

  • Adapting to Change and navigating unique dynamics and situations

  • Gaining clarity and confidence as a leader

  • Balancing support and accountability

  • Retaining and empowering staff

  • Understanding what’s important and how you’re being perceived

  • Aligning your actions with your goals

  • Building on your skillset to prepare your next leadership role

These real conversations all happen in a safe and confidential partnership.


Get ready for conversations you’ve never had before.

Executive Coaching Relationship Includes:

  • A custom program tailored to your specific needs, goals and current reality

  • Confidential face-to-face sessions focused entirely on you

  • An unbiased partnership with a certified coach who isn’t involved in your daily operations

  • An accountability partner to help you move forward on your goals

  • Email, text and phone access for those must-have, on-the-spot, mini-crisis conversations.


Jeff Lucier is an Executive Coach and Leadership Consultant who is passionate about bringing out the best in leaders.

As a gifted listener, Jeff will ask the tough questions to help bring you clarity and confidence in your leadership style and decisions.

With a background in Human Resources, Jeff understands the importance and impact of leadership, while recognizing the unique dynamics of today’s organizations.   



When you engage in an Executive Coaching partnership with Jeff, you get a customized one-on-one experience that meets your goals and drives you forward.

During these sessions, you will feel heard while gaining clarity and perspective through a different kind of conversation –is focused entirely on you. Together, you’ll discover what’s holding you back from being the leader you want to be.

Executive Coaching is perfect for leaders, who:

  • Have Real Goals and the Drive to Pursue Them

  • Have a Growth Mindset and Embrace Adaptability

  • Are Ready for the hard work required to Maximize one’s leadership and full potential

  • Embrace real and direct conversations


“Jeff has changed my life – that sounds like a bold statement, but it is true. Every session that we come out of, I am taking away something strategic and tactical that I am applying almost immediately whether it is at the office or even at home with my family. He takes a very empathetic, but also a direct approach which does not sugar-coat – he knows where to push me and call my bluff if he doesn’t think I am being true to myself – very few people in my life can do that.” 

– Mark Cassetta, Senior Vice President, TITUS
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