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Speaking with Impact

Part of Jeff’s passion is connecting with groups to talk about real-life leadership challenges and opportunities.

Jeff offers keynotes on topics that matter to your business or organization. Using storytelling, Jeff connects insights to tangible actions that can be applied immediately.

Keynote Speaking Leadership Development Ottawa Ontario Jeff Lucier


Here’s a sampling of keynotes Jeff can provide. If you have a specific topic in mind then please connect with Jeff directly to talk about your needs!

A New Leader for a New Workforce

Leading others is a tough job. Already tasked with unending demands and complexities, leaders now manage the most diverse workforce in history, including Millennials (born 1980-1995), who have become the largest and most influential group of workers.


This dynamic session provides valuable insight into Millennials’ wants, needs and expectations, equipping participants with effective, yet practical leadership strategies. Using powerful storytelling, case studies and compelling research, Jeff walks participants through the millennial mindset and guides leaders on how to shift their own mindset when working with this specific generation.

Why Hierarchy and Authority Doesn’t Matter

When leaders can move and influence others, formal roles and hierarchy become irrelevant.  Influence is the key to increasing engagement, avoiding conflict and getting results.


This keynote helps leaders to earn the opportunity to influence others by exploring a working model that connects how we initially form bonds with others through commonality, then deepening these same relationships through two core elements of trust (competence & character).  When taken together, the model shines light on how leaders effectively influence others, including superiors, through 

intentionally building high quality relationships.

Adaptability, Autonomy & Influence

While it may be logical (and perhaps easier) to rely on those in formal positions of authority to ‘lead’, opportunities to demonstrate leadership happen everywhere at all levels. With an ever-changing and increasingly competitive landscape, organizations not only want the most from their people, they need it to survive and succeed.   


This keynote discusses three well-known concepts –Adaptability, Autonomy and Influence, in highlighting how all employees can seize leadership opportunities, every day in the workplace.  Using scenarios and examples participants will gain practical concepts to help support their leadership, regardless of level.

"People join organizations, but leave their boss.  According to Gallup, at least 70% of employee engagement is attributable to their manager."


DisruptHR Video
In the spirit of the DisruptHR movement, this video contains colourful language and graphic images.

Jeff Lucier at DisruptHR Ottawa 2019

'Driver Or Deadwood?'

“Jeff is amazing!  The management team thoroughly enjoyed the “Millennials” session:  it was upbeat, interactive, funny, timely and relevant.  The team referenced both Jeff and the session for months afterwards, as we would apply our learnings in practical situations that arose.”

 – Shelley Crawford, Vice-President,
Financial and Administration, the Ottawa Hospital Foundation
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