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  • Jeff Lucier

An executive’s office can say a lot about a leader.

So when I was briefly left alone in a CEO’s quarters, immediately I noticed a half-read leadership book lying face down on the desk.

And it wasn’t just there for show, like most books sitting idly on dusty shelves; she was clearly reading it.

Not to let a good topic go to waste, I offered how refreshing it was to see a CEO reading a leadership book.

She smiled and shrugged it off, acting as if all executives had the same thirst for learning.


And Why Not, You Ask?

Because learning is not a priority for many executives.

Now don’t get me wrong - results can and should be of great importance. But today's speed of change also requires adaptability, which includes gaining comfort with the unknown.

How Do Leaders Become More Adaptable?

By challenging long-held perspectives and continuously growing one’s skills.

Otherwise known as LEARNING. (Also see Dweck’s growth vs. fixed mindset)

And what about role-modeling?

How can executives claim learning is important if they are not invested in growth themselves?

That open leadership book is a big reason why I was in this CEO’s office in the first place, and why we’ll be working together.

So I ask you – if you were CEO, would you be reading a book on leadership?

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