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  • Jeff Lucier

Do you find it hard returning to work after vacation?

We work twice as hard leading up, begin our vacation exhausted, struggle to ‘shut off’, wrap up when we’re starting to relax, then put in extra time catching up upon our return.

But let's face it - vacations are a good thing, with most of us falling into one of these categories:

1. ‘Complete Disconnectors’ use self-discipline and boundaries to shut it down. No emails, no checking in, and no calls unless it’s a (real) emergency.

2. ‘Keep-an-Eye Vacationers’ monitor from a distance, periodically responding to emails and making calls, often because they don’t trust in their people, manage critical responsibilities, or wish not to be surprised upon their return.

3. ‘Out Of Office Isn’t My Thing’ are those who confirm wifi access first and destination second because they’re always ‘on’. Enough said.

Much like your wedding or first child, there’s an endless stream of expertise and advice. When it comes to your vacation, be confident in following what works for you.

And don’t be too quick to judge others – I’m definitely #3, not because I can’t stop, but because I love my work (although I was hoping to return to less snow!).

What number are you, and what strategies have you used before, during and post-vacation?

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