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  • Jeff Lucier

How Are You Keeping Your Comms Skills Sharp?

Communication. It's fundamental to the success of every leader, at every level, in every industry.

A single experience with a boss who rarely listens or who is unclear in direction and expectations proves my point.

And yet, how often do we invest in our communication skills? Shouldn't this be mandatory training for all leaders, similar to renewing a license?

Required or not, you can challenge your communication skills by asking these questions:

1. Are you a great listener? How do you know for sure?

2. Do you speak with clarity, simplicity and consistency?

3. How often do you ask questions (vs. provide answers)?

4. When and how are you using compelling, memorable stories?

Just because we're a technology-driven world doesn't mean you can overlook your interpersonal communication skills. In fact, it makes these skills even more important.

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