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  • Jeff Lucier

I pulled a real BONEHEAD move this week.

Early for a meeting, I briefly sat in a food court before heading to my client's office. Following the coaching session, I instinctively reached for my computer bag – you know, the one that’s always on my shoulder, with my notebook, laptop, and perhaps, my LIVELIHOOD.

But I didn't have it.

Did I leave it at HOME? Impossible.

Was it in my CAR? Unlikely.

Then it came to me: I left it where I'd been sitting earlier... in a busy public place, over 90 minutes ago.


I shot out of that office... and you guessed it - it was gone.

Work and home demands a lot from us. Slowing down is not an option. How then, do we avoid (or at least manage) becoming too preoccupied with our thoughts?

Here are three ways to own your actions, behaviours and mindset:

1. Take a Breath - Find quiet moments in your daily routine to slow your personal hamster wheel. Try using your morning commute.

2. Gain Perspective - When your mind is full, remind yourself of the big picture by asking what’s truly important.

3. Ease Up On Yourself - Stop striving for perfection and embrace your uniqueness. Remember, there’s no failure, just feedback.

And the bag? With luck and relief, I tracked it down with the security team. Phew! Lesson Learned!

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