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  • Jeff Lucier

Learning without application is a waste of time.

See if this sounds familiar...

You attend a workshop or conference, gaining some new and exciting ideas. You’re excited about your learning and committed to putting your actions in motion.

You return to work to find priorities have shifted, three people are looking for you, and 153 emails have arrived. Your copious notes and precious action items are set aside.

Your energy wains.

Although you promise yourself to reopen the folder, the everyday hustle and bustle takes over. Even with the best of intentions, your learning is lost.

So what should you do?

Peer groups are a great approach for sharing experiences, exploring ideas and furthering your overall learn

ing. Talking through your learning and ideas will keep concepts top of mind and increase the likelihood of application, while also learning from and helping others in the process.

Can’t organize a group? Then buddy-up with another growth-minded leader within or outside your organization to “talk shop”.

So give yourself and your organization a better return on your learning investment, and don’t let that learning go to waste!

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