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  • Jeff Lucier

No Failure. Just Feedback

No failure. Just feedback.

But that doesn’t mean growth doesn’t hurt sometimes.

And if growth propels us forward, must it require hardship? Can we experience growth in success? In joy? In fulfillment?

As leaders, how do we be mindful of the individual risks we pursue in the interest of growth when our people and organizations depend on us?

These are the tough questions we have to ask ourselves as leaders.

Stumped? Here are some guideposts:

->Growth requires us to seek ‘new and different’, while avoiding the same mistakes or missteps

->We experience and pursue growth differently as our careers and lives progress ->Others will see growth differently and expect a different pace (which can be frustrating, but presents leadership opportunity)

Lastly, growth lies in chasing the journey, not the destination. So let go of the map, listen closely to what’s around you and enjoy the ride.

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