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  • Jeff Lucier

When’s the last time you had a good laugh at work?

A recent meeting started as you might expect - exchanging greetings, with the first two leaders politely declining my handshake due to a migrating office flu.

However, what came next wasn’t exactly standard workplace protocol.

Asking the next leader if she might accept my handshake, she smiled and offered me an alternative - a hug.

A hug? 

I was a bit taken aback, as this was the first time we'd met (plus a lengthy stint in HR will do that to you!).  

So I happily accepted the warm embrace, and immediately the remaining leader leaned in for his own squeeze and jokingly added, “I love you, man”, causing us all to erupt in laughter.

In hindsight, this brief moment of hilarity enabled candid and productive conversation in our meeting, all because these leaders initiated the laugh.  

So what do you think… Should we expect leaders to bring levity and laughter to the workplace?

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