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Why Invest in Your Leadership?

AS A LEADER you need a toolbox filled with tools.  Training, development, acquired skills and experiences and application fills the box.


But it’s not enough to simply have tools. You need them to be in good working order – sharpened, greased up, etc.  This notion applies to experienced leaders who need a ‘tune-up’ – not necessarily new concepts, but good reminders and perhaps different ways of using such tools.

tools Jeff Lucier.jpg

Having the tools and ensuring they’re in good working order is helpful, but it’s really about knowing which tool is best for which job (i.e. being able to flex your skills and experiences to the situation.)  


You need to know to grab a drill for a screw, not a hammer – even if the hammer is your go-to tool.  Being an effective leader means being adaptable: having the right tools, applying them at the right time for the right situation.  

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